Monday, February 20, 2006

You Have to Read It to Believe It

"The Rev. Donna Schaper is senior minister of Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan." She wants us to know that she murdered a baby, and that's OK.

I had an abortion 19 years ago. I am not bragging, nor am I apologizing. . . . I also find the very intimidation that I experience in telling my story to be the reason I must speak. Why would I be afraid? Because anti-abortion people like to punish people into their version of morality. . . . I happen to agree that abortion is a form of murder. . . . I know I murdered the life within me. I could have loved that life but chose not to.

The 'minister' wants us to know that any reference to her own conscience is merely an attempt to oppress her by denying her the constitutional right to murder. (N.B. the court in Roe acknowledged that, if the baby is a person, there can be no right to kill him or her. Our justices are not quite this confused.)

Exodus aside, the good minister has ample authority for saying 'thou shalt go ahead and kill when thou dost feel that is it the right decision for thee'.

I did what I think men do all the time when they take us to war: They choose violence because, although they believe it is bad, it is still better than the alternatives. The "just war" theory assumes that human beings get caught in terrible choices all the time. This freedom is not just for men; it is for women also.

Forget for a minute that, since 1920, men have been constitutionally incapable of 'taking us into war' without the cooperation of the fairer sex. Forget also little things involved in this decision like public authority and the duty to protect nations. Our minister discovers her own license to kill in what she calls 'maturity' (which used to be called 'immaturity', but nevermind):

When I made my choice to end life, I was behaving as an adult. . . . I behaved as an adult who is also a sexual being. Things happen sexually between people that are not always controllable. The unprotected sex I had with my husband while nursing our twins had a consequence that neither of us desired. . . . Because women are mature sexual beings who make choices, birth control and abortion are positive moral forces in history. They allow sex to be both procreational and recreational, for men and for women.

The fate of nations is as nothing compared to the good of unfettered sexual recreation.

The dear minister is 58. Apparently, her generation raised adolescence to the status of beatitude. I permit myself to hold out for something more, even if in the minister's eyes it makes me a chauvinist . . .


Blogger Roy F. Moore said...

I fear her personal motto may be, in the Latin, "Eros vincit omnia!" Lust conquers all.

May she repent before she dies, for there are too many in Hell as it is.

Praised be Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Paleface said...

Thanks, Roy. For something truly surreal, check out one of her 'sermons'. Then again, you might just want to take my word for it -- bleh.

7:52 PM  

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