Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Bloody Media

David Warren makes a strong point in re: media coverage of civilian deaths in the present Mid-East conflict:

It will not do for journalists to justify behaviour by the standards of the pack. It will not do for them to assume that only soldiers must answer difficult moral questions. In this case, they must ask or be asked: Who benefits from such reporting?

For the answer is obviously, Hezbollah. The very reason they take such trouble to assure a high body-count among non-combatants -- by for instance preventing civilians from fleeing the territory they control -- is to use their corpses as a weapon against Israel. The Western and Arab media oblige, by building this body-count into a drumbeat against Israel’s attempts to take the battle to the enemy.

Let me sharpen this point further. The value of civilian corpses to Hezbollah, and allied terrorist forces, depends on the media’s willingness to make an issue of them -- thereby inferentially blaming Israel for disasters that Hezbollah’s methods have contrived. Quite plainly: the more obsessively the media focuses upon this body-count, the higher it is going to be.

Yet another illustration of the consequences of ideas or the lack thereof. Our mindlessness has casualties.


Blogger Oliver McCarthy said...

As yet the media haven't really woken up to the threat that the Islamic Revolutionaries and Hezbollah pose to the West. Sooner or later they're going to have to, though, since we live in a globalised world. In the end, though, the dead civilians of Lebanon will make very little difference.

9:39 AM  

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